At-Tin mosque suspends ‘itikaf’ during Ramadhan this year

The At-Tin great mosque has decided to suspend seclusion activities, known as itikaf, during Ramadhan this year due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year, since crowding and staying in the mosque are prohibited, so it is difficult to conduct such an activity. Thus, we have officially called on people not to do ‘itikaf’ here,” head of the worship division at the At-Tin great mosque, Karnali, informed here on Friday.

Earlier on Ramadhan, At-Tin great mosque always organized itikaf, especially on the last 10 days of the holy month, for people who registered in advance.

During Ramadhan this year, the At-Tin great mosque will only allow people to perform the 11-rakaat tarawih prayer, Karnali disclosed.

He added that the mosque will not invite guest preachers for tarawih prayers this year.

“In order to easily organize, imam, muadzin (prayer caller), and preachers will only be from the internal At-Tin mosque,” he said.


Source: Antara News

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