Women’s role crucial in expediting economic recovery during pandemic

House of Representatives (DPR) speaker Puan Maharani has said that the role of women is central in speeding up health and economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If women are handed a bigger role, this will accelerate the process of global economic recovery and in a country ‘Womenomics,’ or greater involvement of women, can become an economic driver, both during normal and crisis situations,” Maharani noted in her remarks here on Tuesday.

The minister made the statement at the Preparatory Committee for the 13th Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament (13SWSP) held virtually on Monday (April 12) night.

Maharani highlighted that during the pandemic, several women were impacted and also lost their jobs, including in the informal sector or services, such as tourism.

On the other hand, the minister pointed out that women were also supporters of health recovery since scores of them worked on the frontlines as health workers.

“Hence, I consider the issues related to ‘gender-responsive recovery’ and ‘women economic empowerment’ as the main ones at this forum,” she affirmed.

The minister expounded that apart from the issue of economic empowerment, another matter that had emerged was the rising marginalization and violence against vulnerable groups, including women and children, during the pandemic period.

Maharani invited the 13SWSP participants to solve such problems, so that the forum did not solely hold discussions for identifying women’s issues during the pandemic.

“At the 13SWSP meeting, it is necessary for the ‘Speakers’ to not only discuss the identification of women’s problems during the pandemic but also to produce recommendations for solutions on how the parliament plays a role in solving this problem,” she reiterated.

The PDI-P politician also backed the implementation of the Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament (SWSP) as a forum to exchange ideas during a pandemic.

Maharani viewed the forum as a form of synergy in encouraging the empowerment of women globally.


Source: Antara News

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