Daily wage of farm workers up 0.17% in March

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The nominal wage of farm workers in March this year increased by 0.17 percent to Rp56,470 per day from Rp56,373 the previous month, head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Suhariyanto, said.

"In March, there was an increase in the rural household consumption index of 0.11 percent, so the real wage of farm workers has increased even though it is very slight, namely 0.06 percent," he informed during an online press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

In addition, the average nominal wage of construction workers (non-foreman) in March, 2021 rose 0.02 percent to Rp90,971 from Rp90,953 the previous month. Meanwhile, their real wage declined in March by 0.06 percent to Rp85,699 from Rp85,750 a month ago.

The average nominal wage of female hair salon workers increased by 0.03 percent in March, 2021 to Rp28,917 from Rp28,909 the previous month. Meanwhile, their real wage declined 0.05 percent month-on-month in March to Rp27,242.00 from Rp27,255.

The average nominal wage of household assistants rose 0.28 percent month-on-month in March, 2021 to Rp422,979 from Rp421,798. For the same period, their real wage climbed by 0.20 percent month-on-month to Rp398,469 from Rp397,674.

The nominal wage of workers is the average daily wage they receive as remuneration for work that has been completed.

The real wage of workers reflects the purchasing power of the income / wages that they receive.

The real wage of agricultural laborers is the ratio between their nominal wage and the rural household consumption index, while the real wage of construction workers is the ratio of their nominal wage and the urban consumer price index.

Source: Antara News

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