Maharani requests flags hoisted at half-mast honoring 53 submariners

House of Representatives (DPR) speaker Puan Maharani made an earnest request to lawmakers to fly the Red and White flags at half-staff at their respective residences to honor 53 Indonesian submariners, who died on duty.

Maharani also ordered the hoisting of the national flag at half-staff at the parliament building to honor those aboard KRI Nanggala-402 that sank in the waters, north of Bali Island, on April 21, 2021.

“We request that the national flags be hoisted at half-staff at the parliament building and lawmakers’ residences from April 26 to April 28,” the DPR speaker noted here, Monday.

Addressing a community service event, initiated by the Lawmakers’ Wives Sisterhood (PIA) here, Maharani pressed for continued coordinated endeavors to evacuate the 53 sailors on board and submarine wreckage from the seabed.

Speaking in connection with the government’s decision to honor the 53 fallen sailors, Maharani highly lauded the government’s posthumous promotion by granting one rank higher than that held at the time of their deaths.

To honor their dedication, service, and sacrifice, the government has also provided a scholarship scheme to the submariners’ children to enable them to obtain formal education until the undergraduate program at universities.

Contact was lost with the German-made submarine, carrying 53 submariners on board, while it was preparing for a torpedo drill in the waters north of Bali on early Wednesday (April 21).

The missing 209/1300-type submarine was built in Germany’s Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft in 1977 and was officially inducted into the navy in 1981.

Its propulsion system employs a Siemens low-speed diesel electric motor, connected directly to the propeller shaft, which generates about five thousand shaft horsepower.

Electrical power is stored in batteries, which make up 25 percent of the vessel’s weight, according to the navy. Four MTU diesel supercharged engines generate electricity in the vessel.

Indonesian Navy’s Chief of Staff Admiral, Yudo Margono, confirmed that the ill-fated submarine had sunk after several of its components were retrieved during the search mission.

“The components (that were found) are torpedo tube-straighteners, coolant pipes wrap, a bottle of periscope lubricating oil, prayer mats, and heat-retaining sponges,” Margono remarked at a recent press conference.

Under the efforts to locate the sunken submarine, the Indonesian Defence Forces (TNI) deployed 21 warships, including those with sonar detection capability, for underwater tracking. The warships include KRI Rigel-933, KRI Rimau-724, and the KRI Alugoro-405 submarine.

Some countries have also deployed their vessels for the search mission, including MV Swift Rescue from Singapore, MV Mega Bhakti from Malaysia, HMAS Ballaratand HMAS Sirius from Australia, SCI Sabarmati from India, and a Poseidon aircraft from the US.

The Indonesian Police and National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) deployed ships, remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV), and drones for the search.


Source: Antara News

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