Fasting disciplines children, helps them lead healthy life

Fasting benefits children learning to worship during Ramadan while concurrently instilling a disciplined lifestyle through scheduled diet for a healthier body, University of Indonesia’s (FKUI’s) Faculty of Medicine Pediatrician Desy Dewi Saraswati, Sp. A stated.

“Fasting makes the children’s bodies healthier, help to regularize their eating schedules, and eliminate toxins from their bodies while additionally teaching them the importance of patience and self-control, helping others, cultivating a high social spirit, and increasing their faith in God,” Saraswati noted in her statement here on Tuesday.

While fasting, children will also learn the importance of holding back their cravings and desires, so that they become more patient and are in better control of themselves.

Meanwhile, several social activities, including giving alms, are also conducted during the fasting month, so that parents can teach their children about the importance of caring for people around them.

Furthermore, the doctor stated that children yet to attain puberty should to be encouraged to fast from an early age. Ideally, parents can invite children to fast since seven years of age.

The pediatrician at Primaya Evasari Hospital has suggested parents to adjust the sleeping schedule of children by putting them to sleep an hour or thirty minutes earlier than usual, so that they wake up at dawn with greater ease.

Nutritionally balanced food replete with nutrients is important to consume for children during Ramadan. Keeping in mind the blood sugar levels, the doctor recommend parents to prepare an iftar menu, with high glycemic index load items.

While breaking the fast, the body’s sugar levels should be improved immediately, for which the parents can offer fresh and candied fruits, donuts, potatoes, or bread to their children. Dates are also viewed as a good choice.

“Children still have to eat a balanced diet that contains complete nutrition, comprising carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Consume sufficient fluids and do not forget to provide their favorite menu while breaking the fast as a motivation to encourage them to fast. The Indonesian Pediatric Association recommends parents to offer an array of foods in terms of the shape, taste, and basic ingredients,” the pediatrician stated.


Source: Antara News

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