Government to forge collaboration for expediting vaccination program

The Transportation Ministry echoed its readiness to work together with other parties, including the private sector, to speed up the vaccination program for workers in the transportation sector.

“The government should support the collaboration. We could say that this (program) must be implemented by all parties. The private sector must also make an effort to offer something to the community and partners; which is an integral part, and the front line,” Director of Road Transportation, Directorate General of Land Transportation at the Transportation Ministry, Ahmad Yani, stated during an online press conference here on Thursday.

“In the transportation system, they (public transport/motorbike drivers) often come in close contact with the community, and the two interact with one another. This collaboration is an effort, so that the government can fight COVID-19,” he stated.

Yani confirmed that around six million workers in the transportation sector had been inoculated, and the figure will continue to increase.

Meanwhile, Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo affirmed that collaboration with the private sector to vaccinate online transportation drivers is also one of the visions of the DKI Jakarta government as a city ready for collaboration.

“Our vision is that the local government (Jakarta) functions as a collaborator and the elements of society become the co-creators. Through this collaboration, the government’s target to accelerate the vaccination program can be realized,” he stated.

The local government’s target for the vaccination program in the transportation sector is 256 thousand vaccinations for workers in the early stages, and currently, some 30 thousand workers have been vaccinated.

“Some 220 thousand more workers need to be vaccinated. The inclusion of around 40 thousand (online) drivers in the vaccination target in the transportation sector means there are still around 250 thousand workers, who need to be vaccinated during this period,” he pointed out.

In the meantime, Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Office Widyastuti also stated that 8.8 million people are targeted for COVID-19 vaccination in Jakarta, for which innovation and collaboration between parties is deemed crucial.

Those working in the transportation sector are also being accorded priority in the second phase of vaccination, as they often come in close contact with the community directly.

“(This vaccination target) cannot be completed by the health office and the government alone. Collaboration between the government and private sector and SOEs (State-Owned Enterprises) is also needed. Our society is heterogeneous. Hence, we need to provide many alternatives for the community, for instance, by conducting drive-through vaccinations,” Widyastuti remarked.

“We, as (representatives) of the government, must be able to identify the needs of citizens and provide various solutions, such as by conducting drive-through vaccinations. Collaboration can run in good faith from various parties, and we really laud it,” she emphasized.


Source: Antara News

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