Improve PeduliLindungi app server and performance: COVID-19 task force


Improving the PeduliLindungi application is deemed essential to accommodate the increasing number of application users

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The COVID-19 Task Force’s Health Care Department Head, Alexander K. Ginting, underscored the need to improve server and network performance of the COVID-19 contact tracing mobile app PeduliLindungi (Care and Protect) to handle increasing users.

“Improving the PeduliLindungi application is deemed essential to accommodate the increasing number of application users,” Ginting told ANTARA in Jakarta, Friday.

He highlighted the utmost urgency of improving servers of the application, as increasing number of users and daily access had increased the application overload risk.

“If the application caters to only one thousand people, then it would have not been a problem at all. However, if the daily user count reaches 100 thousand people, then the network and server quality would certainly need to be improved to prevent the PeduliLindungi application from slowing down,” he explained.

Ginting suggested network and server improvements to be tested at major cities and urban agglomerations, such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya.

“I suggest the improvements to be tested starting from urban agglomerations, as most users are there. Urban residents also have higher cell phone usage and internet literacy level to use mobile applications,” he pointed out.

Ginting also expressed optimism that PeduliLindungi application users would remain truthful while registering personal data in the application and avoid using false names and data, as it may complicate the contact tracing function of the application.

“I suggest new users to prepare their personal identification number and proper email address before registering their data in the application to prevent any issue in future,” Ginting remarked.

By utilising the PeduliLindungi contact-tracing application, he is optimistic that the users’ safety would be further guaranteed and would support the government’s efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 in society.

After the residents abide by regulations necessitating registration through the PeduliLindungi app before accessing public places, Ginting stated that it was now the government’s responsibility to ensure applications are safe from potential risk of data leak.

“We will leave our digital footprints by uploading our data on the app, and now, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure application server security and shielding the server from potential risks,” he affirmed.


Source: ANTARA News

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