Poland lauds Indonesia for successfully mitigating COVID-19 spike

Polish Ambassador to Indonesia Beata Stoczynska on Tuesday lauded the Indonesian government for its successful implementation of measures to reduce a spike in COVID-19 cases earlier this year.

“At the moment I see that the Indonesian government is really doing well with mitigating the coronavirus outbreak. My deep congratulation to Indonesia for being success to mitigate the spike in COVID cases,” Stoczynska said in a special interview with ANTARA here on Tuesday.

The Polish ambassador compared the situation in Indonesia when the number of COVID-19 cases soared in mid-2021, reaching a peak in June and July, with the current situation when coronavirus infections have begun to decline.

“Because as we remember that numbers of COVID-19 cases in June and July this year it was really high and it became a problem, and everybody was scared. But what we see right now is completely different situation … it has been much better,” said Stoczynska.

“I have great respect for the Indonesian government as well as the leadership of President Joko Widodo, the Ministry of Health and other agencies for all they have done to achieve this (better) situation we have today in Indonesia,” she added.

Ambassador Stoczynska also said that the Polish government is ready to help if Indonesia needs additional doses of COVID vaccines for its national vaccination program.

“Poland is also ready to help if Indonesia needs additional doses of vaccines, Poland is ready to share it,” she added.

“We have stated our readiness to help the Indonesian government that if you need more doses of vaccine, the Polish government is ready to discuss this with Indonesia,” said the ambassador.

The situation in Poland has improved and nearly 60 percent of the Polish population has been fully vaccinated, she informed.

However, the country’s government is considering implementing a fourth lockdown to prevent the spread of infections as children return to school and the holiday season starts in November.

“So, it is possible that there will be a fourth lockdown in Poland in November. The people also continue to be careful by implementing the health protocols properly and responsibly,” said Stoczynska.


Source: Antara News

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