Malang Health office readies 50,000 booster shots for residents

The Malang Health Office, East Java, has readied around 50 thousand booster shots for the elderly and vulnerable groups.

Head of the Malang Health Office, Dr Husnul Muarif, confirmed to have in stock a total of 70 thousand doses of COVID-19 vaccines from various brands, and as many as 50 thousand doses would be used for the additional dose of vaccines. He delivered the statement in Malang on Thursday

Malang began providing booster vaccines for the elderly and vulnerable groups. When administration of the booster vaccine kicked off on January 13, 2022, some 50 people received the additional dose.

Muarif stated that vaccination will be conducted at each health service facility. In Malang, the booster shots will be given at 16 health centers, 20 hospitals, and 45 clinics.

The office head also revealed that each health facility will set a schedule and quota for booster vaccinations. In January 2022, the booster shots were still mainly intended for the elderly and vulnerable groups.

“For the vulnerable category, there are those with comorbidities. There are other vulnerable people that can easily be exposed to the coronavirus, such as those often interacting with the public,” he stated.

Currently, the Malang government is still awaiting mechanisms from the central government on booster vaccinations, he remarked.
Some conditions should be met before receiving the third dose, such as being at least 18 years of age, having received the complete COVID-19 vaccine injections, and a minimum of six months since the second dose of vaccine was received.

“For January, there are only two categories, so the other people will wait for the next regulation. There are several conditions, one of which is at least six months after having received the second dose,” Muarif added.

In Malang, 856 thousand residents are targeted for vaccination, with 83,115 of them being elderly people. Currently, their rate of first dose of vaccination, in general, had reached 107 percent.

In Malang, some 15,658 positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded, with four active cases. Of the total, 14,521 people recovered, while 1,133 succumbed to the virus.


Source: Antara News

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