Surabaya targets administering booster dose to 12,000 elderly people

The Public Health Center and Community Center in Surabaya, East Java, targeted 12 thousand elderly citizens under the booster vaccination program on Thursday.

“Today, (the target is) 12 thousand. We held it simultaneously. We also aim to visit the homes of those who could not attend,” Head of the Surabaya Health Office, Nanik Sukristina, stated in Wonokromo District, Surabaya, on Thursday.

Sukristina noted that the vaccination program went smoothly. The Pfizer brand of vaccine was used during this booster vaccination. Meanwhile, the vaccination target totals 80 thousand elderly people in Surabaya.

On the first day, January 12, some 680 people had been vaccinated at 12 public health centers.

“According to the (instruction) from the Health Ministry, the priority is the elderly and vulnerable groups (comorbid),” she stated.

The process is still the same with the first and second doses. First, prospective recipients must undergo a screening process, and they must be in good health.

Sukristina also reminded the people to follow health protocols despite the additional doses being delivered.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi affirmed that the booster vaccination program was conducted at the community hall, so that the elderly did not have to go all the way to public health centers, since they were located at a considerable distance.

“Actually, (it was going to be through the) door-to-door (method). However, several people requested (for it to be conducted) at the community hall. Their reasoning was so that they are happy to meet their friends, the fellow elderly. If the old people are happy, their immunity will be better,” Cahyadi remarked.

The mayor greeted and accompanied several elderly people, who received the booster vaccine. Thereafter, he arranged a new row of chairs for more elderly people. He also guided the elderly, who had shortly arrived, to sit down.

Cahyadi noted that 12 thousand elderly were targeted to receive the booster vaccination, and the amount was adjusted to the existing dose. He expected the Surabaya Health Office to expedite vaccination.

“You really have to be patient while dealing with elderly people. Hence, I told my friends from the Health Office, let us expedite the (booster vaccine),” he stated.


Source: Antara News

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