Yogyakarta examines eight samples from Omicron suspects

The Yogyakarta Special Region Government examined eight samples of people suspected to have contracted the new variant of Omicron.

Head of the province’s Health Office Pembajun Setyaningastutie noted that the whole genome sequencing (WGS) examination of eight samples of Omicron suspects was conducted by the Veterinary Center (BBVet) Wates, Kulon Progo, and the Faculty of Health KMK Laboratory of the Gadjah Mada University.

“Yesterday, out of 11 samples, we sent eight to be tested,” Setyaningastutie stated on Thursday.

The eight samples from Kulon Progo District were suspected of those having contracted the Omicron variant since their CT value was below 30 with fast transmission.

“Actually, there were less than eight samples with CT values below 30, but since the samples came from one area, according to the current condition, we decided to examine them all,” she stated.

Setyaningastutie remarked that the eight samples from Kulon Progo were not related to the patient’s history of traveling abroad but had merely received or had come in contact with guests.

She said the results of WGS examination of the eight samples were expected to come out in about two weeks and would be announced by Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X.

In addition to the eight samples from Kulon Progo, the Yogyakarta City Government had earlier also sent seven samples of Omicron suspects.

The samples are still in the process of being examined in the laboratory.

“The samples were immediately sent to BBVet and UGM,” she noted.

As a precautionary measure against the spread of Omicron, the Yogyakarta regional government has urged all government-owned hospitals to ready at least 30 percent of the total bed capacity and 20 percent for private hospitals to handle the likelihood of a surge in cases.

“We also encourage centralized isolation as well as telemedicine service. If sufficient health workers are not available, then we will recruit our former volunteers. We already have their names and addresses,” she added.


Source: Antara News

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