Minister urges teachers to improve skills through ICT program

The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister has urged educators to take part in the ICT-based Learning Program to improve their information and communication technology skills.

"A great teacher is a teacher who is willing to continue learning, a teacher who becomes a role model, (for example) by being a lifelong student for their students. That is the spirit that we carry with the ICT-based Learning Program, and its main goal is to improve the information and communication technology (skills) competency among educators," Minister Nadiem Makarim said.

He made the remarks at the opening of the ICT-based Learning Program and the “2022 We Must Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics” program, which was accessed from here on Wednesday.

Nadiem said that all teachers -- whether teaching kindergarten, early childhood education, elementary school, junior high school, high school, or vocational high school -- can take part in the ICT-based Learning Program.

"By participating in this program, I believe the teachers would be immensely assisted in preparing lesson plans and implementing them in the classroom," he added.

It is expected that, through the program, teachers would be able to contemplate improving the learning process and make it more fun, more relevant, and offer students some freedom.

The minister also asked students from all educational levels to take part in the “We Must Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)” program.

The program is designed to serve as a forum for students of elementary, middle, high, and vocational schools for exploring critical thinking, collaboration, and communication to develop STEM-based projects through the utilization of information and communication technology.

Makarim said that the program will allow students to explore many new and interesting things and create exciting STEM projects.

"In this competition, of course, there will be winners and losers, but what is more important is that you have the courage to try and dare to work and compete," he remarked.

He said he expected parents to encourage their children to take part in the program to help them become smart students with good traits.

"Hereby I officially open the 2022 ICT-based Learning Program and the 2022 We Must Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I am waiting for the participation of teachers and students throughout Indonesia in these programs," he added.

The Center for Data and Information Technology of the ministry has been organizing the ICT-based Learning Program since 2017 and the We Must Learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program since 2006.

The two programs seek to motivate students and educators to use ICT in learning as well as improve literacy and numeracy skills, as part of the government's efforts to pursue freedom in learning.

Source: Antara News