Using mass transportation advised in tackling unhealthy air quality

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has vowed to encourage Jakartans to use public transportation facilities more in responding to the recently detected unhealthy air quality in the capital.

Highlighting IQAir's recent data, Baswedan noted that Jakarta was the most polluted city in Indonesia.

"That is why for the past four years, we have seriously bolstered public transportation. One of the goals is to reduce emissions occurring in our city," Baswedan stated when met at the ceremony marking the 495th Anniversary of Jakarta at the National Monument here on Wednesday.

Earlier, the air quality data agency IQAir ranked Jakarta as the most polluted city in the world, with an air quality index of 193 on Monday morning (June 20).

The governor admitted that Jakarta is not a city having clean air owing to the large number of emissions produced from motorized vehicles.

According to Baswedan, Jakarta is called the most polluted city in Indonesia owing to several factors, including mobilization from various regions.

Hence, he reminded the public of the importance of conducting emission tests on motorized vehicles operating in Jakarta and its surroundings to reduce air pollution.

He also noted that the existence of air quality problems in Jakarta can be an indicator that the government needs to pay attention to regulations with the public by utilizing public transportation.

Moreover, Baswedan noted that the Jakarta provincial government will also take strict actions by looking for areas emerging as sources of pollution, one of which was a company in Marunda, North Jakarta.

"Just like when we cracked down on a company in Marunda that caused pollution that had an impact on public health. (We) immediately sent a letter to stop (the operations)," he pointed out.

Thus, the governor has vouched to impose harsh sanctions on companies that contribute to pollution through measures including the termination of operating permits.

Source: Antara News