Vice President opens Center for Islamic Studies and Arabic Language

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin inaugurated the Center for Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (PUSIBA) in Bekasi, West Java, on Wednesday, which was initiated by the Indonesia branch of the Al-Azhar International Alumni Organization (OIAA).

"I welcome the presence of the Indonesian branch of the Al-Azhar Arabic Language Center; the only branch of the Al-Azhar Language Center outside Egypt, which is also directly supervised by Al-Azhar," Amin said at the inauguration, which was accessed online from Jakarta on Wednesday.

He further said he believes that the construction of the building on the land left by fighters and national hero K.H. Noer Aly in Bekasi will make Al-Azhar's treatise shine even more brightly in Indonesia.

He advised prospective students and Al-Azhar students to make the best use of learning activities at the language center. Meanwhile, to the organizers, the Vice President expressed the hope that the building would be used as a center for Al-Azhar social activities, da'wah, and religious education.

"In addition to honing Arabic language skills, I advise that prospective students' Islamic and Indonesian insights should also be paid attention to. Later, they will be Al-Azhar ambassadors in Indonesia who will spread a moderate understanding of Islam according to the Al-Azhar method (manhaj)," the Vice President said.

He also asked that strategic partnerships continue to be developed because language studies would not only prepare the language skills of students, but the future of Indonesia.

"Finally, with the words of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, the Central Building for Islamic and Arabic Studies, I inaugurate. May Allah SWT grant His protection and bless all our efforts," the Vice President remarked.

Source: Antara News