MyPertamina app can help tackle fuel fraud: Official

The use of QR code in the MyPertamina application will help to tackle the fuel fraud at gas stations, an official of state-run commercial and trading sub-holding PT Pertamina Patra Niaga stated.

"It is hoped that no frauds would occur once the QR code is implemented," Corporate Secretary Irto Ginting noted here on Thursday.

Starting July 1, 2022, state oil and gas firm Pertamina will open registration for consumers in 11 districts and cities to buy subsidized fuels via MyPertamina, with the target of improving their distribution target.

Ginting noted that the MyPertamina QR code is systemically connected with the EDC machine and the fuel pump at the gas station, so it can be ascertained that there would be no difference in the amount of fill-ups.

"(MyPertamina) supports the amount accuracy (of fuel purchases) as well," he explained.

Moreover, Pertamina stated that it did not require consumers to use the MyPertamina application. Consumers only need to register through the page that opens on July 1, 2022.

Consumers can access the page and prepare required documents, including the ID card, vehicle registration certificate (STNK), picture of the vehicle, email address, and other supporting documents.

The submitted data will be verified in a maximum duration of seven working days, and the user will then receive a QR code via email or app notification.

The received QR code can be printed and brought to the gas station when consumers are keen to buy subsidized Pertalite and Solar diesel fuel.

Pertamina emphasized that the regulation for buying subsidized fuels through MyPertamina will help suppress the quota from being exceeded to prevent it from surpassing the limit set by the government.

In 2022, the realization of Pertalite distribution is projected to reach around 28 million kiloliters, while this year's quota is 23.05 million kiloliters. As of May 2022, the realization of Pertalite distribution had exceeded the quota by 23 percent.

The forecasted realization of subsidized Solar diesel fuel distribution was 17.2 million kiloliters in 2022, while this year's quota is 14.91 million kiloliters, and as of May 2022, the realization has exceeded the quota by 11 percent.

Source: Antara News