Y20: Jakarta involves youths to formulate public policies


The Jakarta provincial government involved the younger generation in formulating public policies and developing the capital city through G20 Indonesia’s Youth 20 (Y20) forum.

“The Jakarta provincial government’s approach is collaborative, and when it is collaborative, (it would involve) many (members of the) new generation,” Jakarta Governor Baswedan noted in a press conference on the implementation of Y20 here on Saturday.

Jakarta and Bandung will host G20 Indonesia’s Youth 20 (Y20) forum, where young delegates from 19 major economic countries and the European Union (EU) will convene on July 17-24, 2022.

Priority issues to be discussed in Y20 are employment, digital transformation, sustainability as well as diversity and inclusion.

The results of these discussions will be inputs delivered to the G20 Summit in Bali in November 2022.

Meanwhile, Governor Baswedan said, the current young age group has skills in creativity and innovation.

He said that one of the youth involvements in advancing Jakarta was partaking in giving ideas for public facilities at the TransJakarta bus stops.

These young people were members of the Jakarta Transportation Discussion Forum (FDTJ) that gives creative inputs to the Jakarta provincial government, he pointed out.

Baswedan cited as an example the design of maps and directions at the TransJakarta bus stops that were contributed by young people.

“We produced, and they prepared the content. The design material for our city resulted from young people,” he stated.

Hence, he emphasized that the development of Jakarta not only needs consultation but also collaboration with the youths.

Furthermore, Baswedan stated that in terms of entrepreneurship, the Jakpreneur program is also majorly constituted members of the younger generation that provide breakthroughs and innovations.

“If space is given (to young people) in the government, then we will witness a lot of newness,” he stated.



Source: Antara News