Sexual violence victims in Malang can appeal for restitution: LPSK


The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) stated that victims of sexual violence at the Malang-based Selamat Pagi Indonesia (SPI) Foundation School in East Java could appeal for restitution rights against the suspect.

“The LPSK has calculated the losses that the victims suffer due to the crimes (that the suspect committed) against them,” LPSK Deputy Head Antonious P. S. Wibowo noted as per a written statement received here, Friday.

Wibowo’s remarks were made in connection with the foundation’s owner and defendant in the sexual violence case, JE, who remains free despite the case having been on trial, for which the agenda of the latest session was witness examination.

The agency opined that victims of JE, identified by their initials as SDS, aged 22, and JH, aged 21, can appeal for restitution rights against the defendant, he remarked.

He noted that according to the agency’s calculation, they would appeal for Rp60 million (US$4,020) in restitution rights for the victims.

The defendant must also receive a hefty sentence for his crime, particularly as it was committed when one of the victims was still underaged, the agency deputy head emphasized.

“The suspect is a teacher or a person given authority as (the students’) guardian. Hence, the suspect must receive harsher punishment,” Wibowo stressed.

The agency deputy head also expressed optimism that the judges would revoke the school license while also respecting other pupils’ right to education.

He said that power relations played a significant role in the sexual violence case at the SPI School, as the suspect is the school foundation’s owner.

“The suspect used the victim’s trust and power over the victim to commit rape and sexual violation,” Wibowo stated.

The LPSK expressed concern that the suspect, who is yet to be taken to prison, will use his power to intimidate victims, he stated.

Wibowo also warned that parties attempting to disrupt the legal process against sexual violence suspects will be prosecuted according to Article 19 of Law No. 19 of 2022 on Sexual Violence.


Source: Antara News

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