Ministry to commence constructing Nusantara City’s 1B, 1C core areas


Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono is ready to start construction of the central government’s 1B and 1C main areas in the Nusantara Capital City.

“I was urged to speed things up, and now, what is being built is the Central Government’s Core Area (KIPP) area 1A, and Mr. President Joko Widodo requested that the KIPP areas 1B and 1C should be immediately worked on,” the minister noted on the sidelines of the opening of the Infrastructure Connect 2022 here on Wednesday.

Hadimuljono also spoke of having reported to the Finance Ministry regarding the president’s order on the development of 1B and 1C areas.

Based on Presidential Regulation Number 63 of 2022 on Details of the Nusantara City Master Plan, the core area functions as the Central Government Planning Area (WP) and is divided into the three sub-sectors of Sub-WP 1A, Sub- WP 1B, and Sub-WP 1C.

The core area’s urban spatial hierarchy includes Sub-WP or equivalent to Sub-district, Sub-Sub-WP or equivalent to village, Blocks, Sub-Blocks, and Plots.

The core area has adopted a nature-inspired design, including appreciation of the natural morphology of the land, regional connectivity systems and the spatial structure of the city in a circular shape, the formation of visual axes and corridors of the area as the main orientation of area development, blocks, and activity functions formed in accordance with urban spatial patterns that have been prepared in regional programs and plans.

The structure of the Core Area’s urban space is designed on the basis of the principles of a Livable City, with a polycentric city model, a city with a design that takes into account the local conditions and the comfort of residents, as well as creates diversity of functions and a dynamic active community.

The National Development Planning Ministry noted that the first government cluster would be the first cluster to move to Nusantara City in 2024.

The first cluster comprises the President and Vice President, state’s high institutions, national defense force, police force, Independent State Institutions, and public agencies, such as Bank of Indonesia, and the Financial Services Authority.


Source: Antara News