New division moratorium rescinded only for Papua region: VP Amin


The government’s moratorium on the establishment of new administrative divisions remains in place except for the Papua region, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin stated.

“The establishment of new provinces and districts remains under the moratorium, as there are not only provinces but also hundreds of cities and districts asking for the division,” Amin noted during his work visit to the 14th Indonesian Muslim Merchant Association (ISMI) Business Gathering here Wednesday.

The moratorium is rescinded for the Papua region on account of the province’s vast area that could strain the government’s resources and hinder efforts in realizing prosperity for their people, he noted.

The establishment of new provinces in Papua will also bolster efforts to maintain security in the region, Amin added.

The vice president underlined that the government should evaluate the establishment of new divisions, primarily on economic grounds.

“(The evaluation) is necessary, as newer administrative divisions are struggling to increase their original revenue,” he remarked.

Earlier, West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji stated that the provincial authority had readied the necessary facilities, including assets, budget, and operation arrangement, for the proposed Kapuas Raya Province.

“We strive to make West Kalimantan a model for other regions to prevent recurring issues in the establishment of new divisions,” the governor noted.

While admitting that the new administrative division is not politically beneficial, he said it remains necessary in the best interests of the public.

“No regional leaders wish to have their territory divided, but for me, it is for the greater interest of the people of West Kalimantan and Kapuas Raya. I also consented to this arrangement to bolster the people’s livelihood,” Sutarmidji remarked.

He noted that the new province will bolster the government’s efforts to reduce the poverty rate and address forest fires and the smuggling of drugs.


Source: Antara News