Danish Ambassador Asserts Green Partnership Elevates Vietnam-Denmark Relations

HANOI — Nicolai Prytz, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, articulated how the Green Strategic Partnership (GSP) between Vietnam and Denmark has marked a new phase in their diplomatic relations, which span half a century. He elaborated on this evolution during an encounter with the media.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the transition from a donor-recipient model to an equitable partnership has been in effect since 2015, enveloping sectors like political dialogue, green growth, and energy to agriculture, health, and culture, with an emphasis on capacity development.

He indicated that the inception of the GSP was a natural progression from the strategic green growth cooperation already in place, offering a more defined framework for their ongoing collaborative efforts.

The ambassador emphasized Vietnam's robust commitment to green transformation, citing the Prime Minister's pledge at COP26 towards net-zero emissions by 2050. He noted Vietnam's vulnerability to climate change, its reliance on fossil fuels, and a burgeoning energy-intensive industry.

Prytz expressed his belief in the GSP's potential to effectively address significant national and global issues for Vietnam, focusing on the advancement of green technologies and sustainable practices.

He highlighted the GSP's role in elevating the successful cooperation between the two nations, facilitating Denmark's support for Vietnam in nurturing a climate-resilient and low-carbon economy, and promoting circular economy principles.

Denmark has forged similar partnerships with only a handful of countries, including Vietnam, and Prytz disclosed that the GSP will encompass political dialogue, cooperative programmes, and economic engagement. The action plan under the GSP will seek ambitious goals and actionable steps, aiming to foster knowledge exchange, capacity building, and technology transfers in various strategic fields.