Germany’s WUS and Hessen State Donate Water Filters to Flood-Affected Areas in Vietnam

Hanoi – Central Vietnam’s flood-hit areas have received a crucial boost in clean water access with the arrival of 30 portable membrane water filters at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. The donation, facilitated by the World University Service of Germany (WUS), is part of ongoing efforts to assist regions in Vietnam severely affected by floods.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the filters were donated with the support of Hessen state and individual donors. The plan is to promptly install these PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) water filters at schools in the central region of Vietnam, which have been heavily impacted by flooding.

A PAUL water filter is capable of producing 1,200 liters of clean water per day, which is sufficient to provide at least 3 liters of water daily for around 400 people. This technology is particularly valuable in areas where access to clean water is compromised due to natural disasters like floods.

Over the recent years, WUS has made significant contributions to Vietnam by providing a total of 350 water filters. As a result, more than 140,000 beneficiaries, including students, teachers, and parents, now have access to clean drinking water every day.

The PAUL water filter, developed by Professor Dr. Franz-Bernd Frechen at the University of Kassel in Hesse, is designed to treat water using filters and membranes. It is resource-efficient, operating without the need for chemicals or electricity, and does not require expert handling, making it ideal for use in disaster-stricken or rural areas.

This initiative is a testament to the international cooperation and support aimed at improving living conditions and ensuring access to basic necessities like clean drinking water in vulnerable regions of Vietnam.