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Govt to establish 10 pilot integrated fishing villages

There will be a pier, shipping dock, cold storage, ice factory, (and) fish market (in each of the fishing villages). If required, we will provide boat assistance. Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry will develop 10 pilot integrated advanced fishing villages to ensure the successful implementation of the quota-based measured fishing policy."There will be a pier, shipping dock, cold storage, ice factory, (and) fish market (in each of the fishing villages). If required, we will provide boat assistance," Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono informed in a statement received on Friday. His ministry will also establish a Public Service Agency (BLU), a communication center, and a training center, as well as deploy a number of officers to disseminate information in each village. The attempt is aimed at improving the productivity of small fishermen who are members of local cooperatives and the quality of local human resources. The 10 villages will be developed in Fisheries Management Area (WPP) 718, 715, and 714. The minister informed that as part of the effort, small fishermen, who are members of local cooperatives, will get fishing quotas and will not be subject to non-tax state revenue (PNBP). He said that his ministry will also improve the safety systems on small fishing boats by installing Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) and Automatic Identification Systems on the boats. The cost of the installation of the systems would be fully borne by the government. Trenggono said he believes that the implementation of measured fishing will bolster the disbursement of government assistance for small fishermen, for instance, the distribution of subsidized diesel at the special gas station for fishermen (SPBN), and make it more targeted. Earlier, the minister informed that the government ratified Government Regulation Number 11 of 2023 concerning measured fishing on March 6, 2023. Currently, his ministry is formulating derivative regulations of the government regulation, including details regarding the technicalities of fishing quotas and the calculation method. The measured fishing policy is necessary to maintain Indonesia's marine biodiversity, the minister noted. The policy outlines three types of quotas: quotas for locals living in coastal areas, quotas for educational and training purposes, and quotas for hobbies or leisure. baca-jugaRelated news: Ministry prepares regulations on quota-based fishingRelated news: Indonesia urges Australia to bolster maritime security commitmentRelated news: Minister confirms official ratification of quota-based fishing policy

Source: Antara News Agency (ANA)


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