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Health Bill guarantees affordable, transparent specialist education

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Spokesperson for the Indonesian Health Ministry, Mohammad Syahril, stated that the Health Draft Law (RUU) guarantees affordable and transparent costs for the education of specialist doctors."Students in the field of specialist medical education, who take part in hospital-based education, will not have to pay tuition fees because they will be considered as interns, and instead, they will earn income," Syahril noted in Jakarta, Friday. He said specialist medical education, which is currently accommodated in the Health Bill, can be offered at hospitals under the supervision of the collegium and the Ministry of Health. Syahril explained that specialist medical education can be provided through a proctorship program, under which doctors are not required to go to university to receive education, but rather, lecturers will visit the regions to provide education at local hospitals. "This is like the scheme applied in the United Kingdom. If the area is lacking specialist doctors, then the lecturers will go to the area to provide education. Thus, for example, if there is a shortage of specialist doctors in Kalimantan, then lecturers will go to Kalimantan. Doctors in Kalimantan do not have to go to university to receive specialist education," he explained. ccording to Syahril, this scheme will help eliminate the likelihood of bullying of students in medical education facilities. "Bullying is one of the concerns of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) and the government. The anti-bullying articles have been proposed to be included in the Health Bill," he stated. Syahril confirmed that the ministry had received reports of bullying. However, several doctors are afraid to speak out in public over concerns that it will put their careers at risk. As a result, they prefer to remain silent and accept the bullying. Hence, in the proposed Health Bill, the drafters have included an article regarding the protection of bullying and listed in Article 208E, Point d, which stipulates that students, who provide health services, will receive protection from physical and mental violence as well as bullying, he remarked. In addition, the hospital-based specialist education mechanism will ensure that the student admission process is more transparent, which is based on tests and meritocracy. baca-jugaRelated news: Ministry suggests anti-bullying provisions for Health BillRelated news: Minister asks regions to support Health BillRelated news: Health Bill to help increase production of specialist doctors: govt

Source: Antara News Agency


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