Hostage victims still treated at police hospitals in Papua


Jayapura, Papua – The 37 people, held hostage for two weeks earlier this month by an armed group in Mapenduma, Nduga district of Papua are still treated at the Bhayangkara police hospital in the Papua capital city.

They are school teachers and paramedics and member of their families. They are from other parts of the country and have lived in Mapenduma together with their families, Papua police chief Ins.Gen. MartuaniSormin told Antara News Agency here on Monday.

They were still treated mainly to free them from the trauma of being held hostage for two week ending Oct 17 by the armed men, believed to be members of separatist group still hiding in the deep jungle of mountainous region. One of the woman hostages, a school teacher, was reported being raped.

“For the time being we treat them as they are still in trauma,” Sormin said, adding, “we want to recover them psychologically.”

When asked about the request of some of the teachers and paramedics to allow them to return back to their home towns, Sormin said, it is to be discussed with the regional administration as they are civil servants.

“What is more important for us now is to free them from the trauma. As for the request for sending them back home or to other areas is for the regional administration to decide,” he said.

The 37 people include 15 school teachers and paramedics and the rest are their children or family members.

They were evacuated from Mapenduma to Wamena, on Thursday using a small Caravan aircraft.

Source: Antara News