IDX to educate people about fake investments


Solo, Central Java, The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will continue to take measures to educate people about fake investments this year.

In fact, throughout 2022, it extensively educated the public about fraudulent investments, head of the Central Java II Indonesia Stock Exchange, M. Wira Adibrata, said in Solo on Saturday. However, the measures were still found wanting, he opined.

Hence, his administration will continue to improve education this year to build people’s awareness about fraudulent investment offers so that they can avoid them.

“So, educational materials not only add to insight of the characteristics of fraudulent investments, but also teach good financial management," he said.

Through access to such materials, people are expected to be able to distinguish between fake and legal investments.

"This education must continue until people can recognize that ridiculous profits that allow one to get rich instantly are definitely fake investments," he said.

Once people are no longer tempted by fake investments, then the practice will die by itself, he added.

"Unfortunately, people are still quite easily lured by ridiculously big profits, which don't make sense. That is why fraudulent investments are still (rampant)," he said.

Moreover, people easily share information with others about the benefits of fraudulent investments, he noted. However, once they fall victim to them, they are reluctant to warn others because they are embarrassed to admit that they have been fooled.

"Victims usually keep to themselves. So, not many people know that this fake investment has actually claimed many victims, because no one knows about the losses," Adibrata explained.

Source: Antara News