Indonesia Calls on Israel to Cease Attacks on Civilian Facilities in Gaza

Jakarta, Indonesia - Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi has urged Israel to halt its attacks on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip, including hospitals, mosques, and churches. In a video statement released by the Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday, Marsudi emphasized the importance of adhering to international humanitarian law, referencing reminders from the United States Secretary-General about the laws of war.

According to Antara News Agency, the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza remains operational, treating victims of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, despite dwindling fuel supplies. The minister continues to stay in touch with three Indonesian volunteers working at the hospital - Fikri Rofiul Haq, Reza Aldilla Kurniawan, and Farid Zanzabil Al Ayubi - to ensure their safety.

The three volunteers have made the decision to remain in Gaza to continue their humanitarian efforts. The Indonesian Hospital is a critical facility for Palestinians in northern Gaza, especially in light of the escalating attacks from Israel. The region has been under continuous bombardment since Palestinian militant group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023.