Indonesia To Start Rolling Out COVID-19 Vaccination For Children Under Six


Indonesia is set to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations for children under six, starting in the second quarter of this year, the country’s health ministry announced, yesterday.

“We’ve already calculated how many children aged six years old and below, who need the vaccines and when the vaccines can be sent to Indonesia. Based on that, we estimate that the jabs can start in the second quarter,” spokeswoman of Indonesia’s health ministry, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, told reporters in Jakarta.

The Indonesian government has so far carried out COVID-19 vaccinations, based on age categories, for children aged 6-11 years, 12-17 years, adults aged 18 years and above, and older people.

As of Friday, more than 204 million people across the country have received the first vaccine dose, more than 175 million have received the second dose, and 69 million received the third dose, according to data from the ministry.

Around 1.2 million elderly and people who work in healthcare sectors have been prioritised to receive the fourth dose or the second booster vaccine.