Ministry ready to anticipate cybercrime risks during Ramadan


Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry said it is ready to anticipate potential cybercrimes during the Ramadan holy month by monitoring the digital space for prohibited content."The ministry monitors the content (in digital space). If it has prohibited content, we will take action," the ministry's Director General of Public Information and Communication, Usman Kansong, stated here on Saturday. Kansong said his side will urge electronic system operators (ESOs) to take down all prohibited content that is found. He said crimes in the form of hacking or other security threats will come under the authority of the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) and the police. Kansong also appealed to people to keep their personal data safe, especially during Ramadan, by not sharing their data carelessly, especially in cyberspace. In addition, he urged ESOs to protect every personal data they collect. "ESOs, as operators of the electronic system, must use the personal data they collect according to their ration. For example, when (a user) creates an account, their data must not be shared or sold," he noted. Kansong stated that the ministry always coordinates with ESOs in protecting people's personal data, and in case ESOs commit a violation, his side will take administrative measures, right from reprimanding to blocking. Meanwhile, he said, law enforcement in cybercrimes comes under authorized officials, such as the police and prosecutors. He affirmed that efforts to prevent cybercrimes are made through laws and regulations as well as education to the public. Under the Personal Data Protection Law, disseminating personal data that is not appropriate may be subject to sanctions. The measures prepared by the ministry are expected to protect the digital space and public from cybercrimes during Ramadan.

Source: Antara News Agency (ANA)