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Ministry works to strengthen teachers’ role in promoting tolerance

We want our next generation to have knowledge and understanding of diversity Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has continued to strengthen teachers' role in creating an educational environment that promotes tolerance for various cultures, religions, languages, and ethnicities."This diversity should be maintained to create a harmonious and peaceful society," head of the ministry's Center for Character Strengthening (Puspeka), Rusprita Putri Utami, said in Jakarta on Tuesday. In the education sector, the values of diversity must be addressed through character education, including by teaching mutual respect to students, she added. "We want our next generation to have knowledge and understanding of diversity. This will be the teachers' responsibility to create an educational environment that is tolerant and respects diversity," Utami said. The Puspeka department has implemented a capacity-building program for teachers to increase their knowledge and understanding of diversity, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture. In 2022, the capacity-building program involved 5,211 participants through the Teacher Mobilization Program and 28,254 participants through the Teacher Professional Education Program, Utami informed. In addition, the ministry appointed 110 facilitator teachers to teach 1,737 students in 20 provinces about global diversity through a module entitled "Required Skills to Become 21st Century Citizens." In the teacher capacity-building program, the ministry used gamification as a learning method and invited participants to go on an adventure and reflect on each destination, Utami informed. In addition, Indonesian diversity figure Alissa Wahid explained that the role of the education sector, especially of teachers, is very important for strengthening national values by teaching students to respect each other and appreciate differences. Meanwhile, a teacher from Banda Aceh 3 High School, Oesea Sativia, recalled her experience participating in the capacity-building activity of the Puspeka Department. She said she found the activity very interesting because it inspired her to make changes for her students. The presentation was made in the form of fun games, but was still able to deliver the main goals of the training, she added. "That also taught me to make changes on a small scope in my school," she said. baca-jugaRelated news: Minister inaugurates Religious Harmony Village in Bangka BelitungRelated news: Ministry asks educational units to rid intolerance, embrace diversityRelated news: Riau Islands can set example in religious tolerance: police chief

Source: Antara News Agency


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