Navy holds Banda Yudha operation to secure Indonesia’s eastern waters


Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi The Naval Combat Force (Guspurla) of Fleet Command III (Koarmada III) held the Banda Yudha Jaya 23 operation to secure and safeguard the sovereignty of Indonesia's eastern and central sea waters.

Chief of the Guspurla Koarmada III Staff Colonel Rio Henrimuko Yumm stated in Kendari on Saturday that his side conducted the operation to showcase the Navy mariners' readiness in facing threats to the nation's sovereignty at sea.

"The Guspurla Kormada III is on the Karel Satsuitubun-356 Warship in order to carry out the sea combat alert operation," Yumm stated.

The Navy's Karel Satsuitubun-356 warship is docked at the Kendari Navy Base Pier in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi, to conduct the Banda Yudha 23 patrol and operation to guard the sea waters of eastern and central Indonesia.

Colonel Yumm stated that the Banda Yudha 23 operation will be conducted in four stages, with the first phase in the Southeast Sulawesi sea area for 45 days.

He explained that the Banda Yudha operation aims to prepare mariners for overwater and underwater warfare and to be able to cooperate with air defense elements.

Meanwhile, Commander of the Karel Satsuitubun-356 warship Colonel Agus Setiawan stated that his side welcomed the implementation of Banda Yudha 23 by the Guspurla Koarmada III.

"We have the honor and opportunity to dock at the Kendari Naval Base Pier in the framework of the Banda Yudha Jaya 23 operation. This operation is under the command of Guspurla Koarmada III," he stated.

He said that the Banda Yudha Jaya 23 operation focuses on training mariners to boost their professionalism and readiness to fight at sea.

He deems this operation as vital as the waters of Southeast Sulawesi Province directly face the Banda Sea, where the Indonesian Islands Waterways (ALKI) III had been established.

Source: Antara News