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RRT held a meeting of 36 MPs to move the party forward to modernity

Bangkok, May 22 – "Pirapan" and "Ekanat" met with all 36 MPs of the party, pointing out that although it is a new party, but it is successful. because everyone is a fighter pointing to many provinces The RRT received the number one popular vote because "Uncle Tu" emphasized the progress of the party towards modernity. Focus on effective communication for new elections.

At 5:00 p.m., Mr. Peeraphan Saliratwiphak, leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, and Mr. Ekanat Promphan, Party Secretary meeting with that Member of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Both in the form of a list and constituency MPs, saying that as the party leader, he felt that this election, the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, had 36 MPs, which was considered a success. Because it took only 4 months to fight the election campaign which must be admitted General Prayut It was he who boosted the party's popularity after campaigning for three months, and many things he had never done before. But do it willingly. Until today, everyone has overcome obstacles until becoming MPs today have to thank everyone for always fighting. I am confident that in the future, MPs from the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party will come in more. From the points that were seen to be in the second place, the important thing was to build the trust and faith of the people to continue.

“Today is not a fight for political interests. But it is a fight for the stability of the country. Ask everyone to work diligently. by taking the interests of the country, the party and the people in the forefront to ensure that the public It is the party that they will be able to entrust their future to,” Mr. Peeraphan said.

The leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party also said that Although the party is a conservative party. But there will be progressive adjustments. Keep up with the times and be up-to-date with time. but still maintain the Thainess This will be a guideline for the next party's operations.

“What we can do is create a new generation. accept the new generation work more with the party to bring new ideas came to help with preparations for an important election And ask everyone to unite together and not be divided, ”said Mr. Peeraphan.

Mr. Ekanat said he would like to thank everyone who has fought in the political field with all their might. It's not easy to break through the checkpoint. Although it is a new party, it has received 36 seats of MPs and has received more than 4.6 million votes from the people's brothers and sisters, which is considered a success.

Mr. Ekanat said that he would like to thank General Prayut who came to help campaign which he had never imagined before going on stage and went on to give a speech with Uncle Tu on many stages In the past, he was very impressed and saw that General Prayut able to orchestrate superbly Get a good rating.

“Importantly, it can be seen that Many provinces number 22 came first. Despite being attacked on many issues But it was able to make the popular vote satisfactory in the first place, ”said Ekanat.

Mr. Ekanat continued that now politics is changing. Therefore, the work of the party from now on must move forward besides the matter of policy The party will focus on management and communication for maximum efficiency. Not rebranding Because the RRT brand is considered a successful brand. It just needs some workflow improvements. especially about communication in various forms to be more efficient

“There will be action. to ensure that able to communicate to the target audience and the public clearly Which will require cooperation from all MPs in taking action after this, ”said Mr. Ekanat .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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