TNI deploys 10,657 personnel to help police secure Christmas

The National Defense Forces (TNI) has deployed 10,657 personnel to help the Indonesian Police secure Christmas celebrations across the country, TNI chief, General Andika Perkasa, has said.


“The request for security assistance across Indonesia has been met. (The number of personnel for each region) varies. In total, TNI deployed 10,657 personnel today,” he said while reviewing security arrangements at Cathedral Church in Central Jakarta.


He reviewed the arrangements along with House Speaker Puan Maharani and National Police chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, on Friday evening.


Perkasa said the National Police chief was responsible for Christmas security across Indonesia. However, TNI is also assisting the police in deploying personnel where needed, he informed.



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“In essence, we are ready to provide assistance to the National Police to secure (Christmas), which is a holiday for Indonesian Christians. This is one of the great events,” he remarked.


Meanwhile, Prabowo stressed that the police force is working to ensure not only smooth security arrangements during Christmas but also the observance of health protocols by congregants.


The health protocols start from PeduliLindungi screening to wearing masks once the congregants enter a church, he added.


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Prabowo said the government has always tried to control COVID-19 cases. Indonesia’s positivity rate is now less than 1 percent, he noted.


However, the number of positive cases spiked 2.5 times last year following Christmas and New Year celebrations, he pointed out.


“This is a lesson for all of us that although the COVID-19 (positivity) rate is already good, we must remain vigilant so that when we pass through the year-end and enter the new year, we can maintain what we have achieved,” he remarked.


Source: Antara News