Vietnam Hardware and Hand Tools Expo 2023 Set to Unite Global Industry Players in HCM City

HCM City – The Vietnam Hardware and Hand Tools Expo 2023 (VHHE) is preparing to host over 350 businesses from 15 countries and territories, showcasing a diverse range of hardware and supplementary products. This major event, organized by VINEXAD, is scheduled to take place from December 7-9, 2023, at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in HCM City, offering a crucial platform for industry leaders to exhibit their products and forge new business connections.

According to the event organizers, VHHE 2023 will cover various key categories crucial to multiple industries, including tools, machine tools, reinforcement equipment, and hardware products. These products are essential in sectors such as manufacturing, production, repair, assembly, construction, and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. The expo is set to be an inclusive and specialized exhibition in Vietnam, focusing on tools, hardware, and mechanical processing products.

The exhibition will feature products from well-known brands such as APEXTOOLS, SATA, SNAP-ON, Swisstech, Kwb, Einhell, Hasegawa, Onishi, NANIWA, Jetech, and Vinadali. This will provide an opportunity for these brands to showcase their latest innovations and offerings in the hardware and hand tools sector.

In conjunction with VHHE, the Vietnam Supporting Industries Fair (VSIF) will be held, focusing on local supplementary products. These fair aims to highlight the supply capacities and self-sufficiencies of Vietnam’s local mechanics industry. VSIF 2023 is set to feature two special pavilions: the Golden Brands’ Pavilion and the City’s Key Product Pavilion. These pavilions are designed to promote HCM City’s unique image and characteristics, emphasizing the development of city product brands for both domestic and international markets.

An integral part of VHHE 2023 will be the “1:1 Trade Connection Programme in the Field of Supporting Industries.” This program is intended to keep business representatives informed about market trends and facilitate direct exchanges with potential partners.

Furthermore, an Industrial Park Tour is planned to strengthen connections between Vietnamese mechanical enterprises, industrial enterprises, and foreign investors in Vietnam. This tour is aimed at promoting industrial production, manufacturing, and processing activities, thereby fostering mutual benefits and growth within the industry.