West Java Bulog Delivers 42 thousand Tons of Rice Aid to Millions of Families

Bandung, West Java – The state logistics agency of West Java, Bulog, has distributed 42 thousand tons of rice aid across 27 districts and cities as part of the second phase of the government’s food reserves (CPP) program. This massive distribution effort, which took place from September to November, aimed to support 4.2 million beneficiary families in the region.

According to Antara News Agency, the Head of West Java Bulog, the rice aid was distributed over the three months of the CPP program to all districts and cities in West Java. As of Tuesday, the agency was still in the process of distributing the rice allocated for November, with progress reaching only 23 percent, equating to 9,660 tons of rice delivered to families. “At least 23 percent of the target of 42 thousand tons of food assistance for November has been distributed,” Rizal stated.

Each beneficiary family received 10 kilograms of medium-quality rice per month under the CPP program. In addition to the CPP program, West Java Bulog has been actively involved in efforts to stabilize market prices. These efforts include the Food Supply and Price Stabilization (SPHP) movement, conducting cheap market operations, and distributing medium-quality rice to 280 markets throughout the province.

Rizal explained that the rice supplied to these markets is intended to maintain price stabilization at the consumer level. “We always distribute rice according to the market’s demand, and when it runs out, we will fill it again according to the market’s capacity,” he said.

Rizal also assured that the rice stock in the province would remain secure until the end of the year. The current reserves stand at 87,300 tons, and additional supplies are expected to arrive from Vietnam on November 12, further bolstering the stock.

This extensive rice distribution and market stabilization effort by West Java Bulog demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring food security and affordability for its citizens.