Day: November 8, 2022

Manpower Ministry to hold more job fairs in 2023

Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah has said that her ministry will organize more job fairs in 2023 to bring job seekers and companies seeking new employees together. “One of the flagships of the job market is the job fair, which we will continue promoting next year to bring together job seekers

Indonesia highlights spike in demand for COVID-19 booster vaccine

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin confirmed to a surge in demand for the COVID-19 booster vaccine after the emergence of the Omicron sub-variant called XBB in Indonesia. “The vaccination rate increased slightly in November. Earlier, it was around 34 thousand injections per day, down from the previous two million per

COVID-19 cases to peak in Dec or Jan: Health Minister

COVID-19 infections caused by the emergence of new Omicron sub-variants in Indonesia are expected to reach their peak in December 2022 or early January 2023, according to Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin. “We think, as this is starting to happen (the increase), maybe we will reach the peak in 1.5

Vaping carries lung cancer risk: YKI

The risk of lung cancer from vapes or e-cigarettes is believed to be the same as that from cigarettes, according to the center administrator of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI), Elisna Syahruddin. “Vaping has the same risks as cigarettes,” Syahruddin, who works at the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine,

Lunar eclipse: BMKG sounds high tide alert in coastal areas

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) advised residents living in coastal areas to watch out for high tides during the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday (November 8, 2022). “People who are on the coast or seaside need to be aware of the occurrence of sea tides that are higher

Ministry provides business capital to 105 people with disabilities

The Social Affairs Ministry has provided assistance in the form of business capital to 105 people living with disabilities in Pariaman city, West Sumatra, to support their activities and improve the economy. “So, 105 of the 315 people we have proposed to the Social Affairs Ministry have received the assistance;