About Us

It has been informing people regarding all kinds of domestic, regional and international news related to the state of Indonesia for a long time and that is why it is taken as the website that gives the detailed insight of any news related to the Asean region for international media. The website is free from having any sort of prejudice news for any specific community or group and it has all sorts of news for the visitors of all kinds and various age groups. Our website does not have any political agenda, and that strategy guides us to keep our news website away from the unnecessary war of getting ratings by any means, which sadly many online news websites have indulged into.

The impeccable attribute of our news website, is that it does not contain any sort of news that is becoming the reason for discrimination against any specific community or group. As we are against of getting the news industry commercialized, so it makes us focused not to publish any inauthentic news that can turn out to be the problematic one for the masses. Yes, it is true that getting the news industry commercialized makes it vulnerable to come up with inauthentic news and that gets it off the track on which it should be according to the norms of journalism.

The more online news websites strive to get it commercialized, the more it makes websites run after ratings and once that rating’s war gets in, it creates problems and the websites then start publishing the news without taking it through the proper verifying process. This is what we take care a lot and we believe that if any news website is focused to publish only reliable news, so it automatically helps the website to get ratings and that is the only legal way, which is being followed by Indonesia News Gazette. As the Indonesia comes among the world’s richest countries in the world, so one can understand that how much “busy business activities” will its corporate sector be a part of, and with that keeping in mind, we have come up with the service which is Indonesia Press Release Services.

This is the service through which many businesses succeeded to become famous brands all over the world. Leverage our readers to turn them into your loyal customers, who trust us with what we publish on the news website. We appreciate what our readers come up with regarding different news on our news website, and that is what we do through getting their points of views from all the social media platforms, we give the sense to our readers that their suggestions are considered and executed which they come up with in order to improve the performance of our news website. Our readers have been using our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds to remain aware of every happening for many years.