Day: October 9, 2021

East Java Governor pushes vaccinations of elderly

Sidoarjo, East Java East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has called for the acceleration of vaccinations of the elderly given the small number of districts that have completed vaccinations for the group. “There are still few elderly people who have been vaccinated. Therefore, it (vaccinations) must be encouraged and pushed

East Luwu: Ministry prepares to reinvestigate 2019 rape case

Makassar, Sulawesi The Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry has dispatched a four-member investigative team to gather facts regarding the alleged rape of three children by their father in East Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province, in 2019. Investigations into the case were stopped by local police at the time due to insufficient evidence.

Huawei awarded for contribution towards pandemic mitigation

Jakarta Huawei’s dedication and consistency in contributing its ICT solutions to help mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia have garnered high praise from the public. Huawei is the only foreign investment company to obtain this award.   Initiated by PT Republika Media Mandiri, the theme of the