247,916 farm animals recover from FMD

A total of 247,916 farm animals across Indonesia have recovered from foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) as of Saturday (July 30, 2022), the FMD Handling Task Force has informed.

The recovered animals comprise 237,838 cows, 7,041 buffaloes, 1,018 sheep, 2,003 goats, and 16 pigs, according to the task force’s data received on Saturday.

As per the data, 805,570 cows have been vaccinated against FMD so far.

The number of farm animals that are still sick due to FMD stands at 447,190 in 22 provinces, comprising 428,586 cows, 13,597 buffaloes, 1,612 sheep, 3,336 goats and 59 pigs.

In total, 7,081 animals have been conditionally slaughtered, comprising 6,964 cows, 52 buffaloes, eight sheep and 57 goats. A total of 4,412 animals died, comprising 4,297 cows, 94 buffaloes, nine sheep and 12 goats.

Meanwhile, 187,781 animals have not recovered, comprising 179,487 cows, 6,410 buffaloes, 577 sheep, 1,264 goats and 43 pigs..

Earlier, Coordinator of FMD Handling Expert Team Wiku Adisasmito asked the public to exercise caution when they come in close contact with FMD-infected cattle.

During an online press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (July 7, 2022), Adisasmito called on the public to wash hands and clean other parts of body using disinfectant after they have direct physical contact with infected animals.

He also appealed to the public to wear protective personal equipment when they come in close contact with infected animals including when they enter the cattle shed.

The government has continued its efforts to curb FMD transmission through biosecurity, testing, vaccination, treatment, and conditional slaughter, and is expecting the public to remain alert and concerned about the FMD outbreak and jointly prevent the spread of the disease.


Source: Antara News