Digital transformation – key for theatre arts to thrive

Hanoi: Digital transformation is an inevitable direction for the development of theatre arts as digital technologies have been significantly affecting the arts.

In Vietnam, central and local art units have created their social network accounts and used them to introduce their shows and performances.

On the Facebook page of the Vietnam National Drama Theatre, posts are regularly made to update the theatre’s performance programmes, artist activities and minigames with rewards for winners being tickets to performances.

Director of the theatre Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac said that the application of digital technology will help promote theatres, and enhance interaction between theatres, artists and audiences.

Thanks to updates on social networks, information about the theatre activities reach the audience more widely and most importantly, they inspire the audience to go to the theatre, Bac said.

The Youth Theatre oftens live streams on its fanpage to introduce upcoming plays and promotional programmes. Its artists are very active in introducing the play and interacting online with the audience. The theatre also encourages audiences to pay online and book tickets via e-wallet to receive discounts.

Online ticket booking and ticket checking by scanning QR codes make it easier for audiences to come and enjoy the show.

Director of the Youth Theatre Meritorious Artist Nguyen Si Tien said that the theatre pays much attention to indicators such as the number of page followers, visitors, the interaction rate, and comments on each post on the page so that they can make proper adjustments for more effective promotion programmes.

The interaction between the theatre and audiences on social networking sites is considered a form of customer care service, Tien said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Performing Arts Department launched its YouTube channel and Facebook account to live stream competitions, national professional art festivals, and art performances.

The Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) has started using QR code scanning on the stage screen before the performance so that audiences can learn in advance about the content of the play, actors/actresses, and performance programme. This helps to save costs, and its audiences are proactive in researching the show.

Dr Nguyen Lien Huong, Culture and Arts Magazine under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that thanks to the assistance of digital technologies such as marketing software, event management, and data collection tools, many theatres can manage programmes effectively.

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend, helping the performing arts adapt to developments in new situations, as well as contributing to preserving and promoting traditional values in modern life, she said.

Digitalisation helps audiences everywhere in the world to be able to follow art performance programmes.

However, Huong said the digital transformation in the performing arts faces difficulties due to insufficient infrastructure and investment.

She affirmed that innovation, access to technology and digital transformation are the ways for the performing arts to overcome difficulties in the integration process

Applying digital transformation technology and bringing performing arts works to the digital environment are a way to better connect artistic products and audiences, she said./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency