Draft procedure for foreigners’ e-identification registration announced

Hanoi: The Ministry of Public Security has proposed a procedure for foreigners’ e-identification registration, which is expected to take effect alongside the identification law on July 1 this year.

For level-1 accounts, the registration process can be done using the VNeID app on a mobile device.

Users will fill in their details, including passport number or equivalent travel documents, email address, mobile phone number, ID photo and other information as instructed, then send a request for an e-identification account to the authorities through the app.

For level-2 accounts, foreigners will need to go to an immigration department under the Ministry of Public Security or the provincial-level police to complete the registration process.

In addition to the personal details required at level 1, the person’s fingerprints are also collected with a consent confirmation for account registration.

The application result will be issued through the app, SMS service or registered email address.

There is currently no
fee required for the registration process.

According to the draft document, the application processing time is one working day for a level-1 e-identification account.

Level-2 account applications will be processed within three working days if the applicants’ ID photo and fingerprint identification are registered in the national immigration database. Otherwise, the processing time will be seven working days./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency