Endangered species released back to nature in southern Vietnam

Binh Phuoc: A northern pig-tailed macaque (scientifically known as macaca leonine) has been released into the Bu Gia Map National Park in the southern province of Binh Phuoc, wildlife teams reported on February 27.

The 14-kg animal, listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book of endangered species in 2000, was handed over by a local resident in Phuoc Long township.

Earlier, the wildlife teams reintroduced seven animals of critically endangered species to the park, comprising three Sunda pangolins (manis javanica), one Pygmy slow loris (nycticebus pygmaeus), one Asian palm civet (paradoxurus hermaphroditus), one wildcat (prionailurus bengalensis), and one northern pig-tailed macaque.

To date, forest rangers at Binh Phuoc and the Bu Gia Map National Park have released a number of endangered animal species, most of which were handed over by locals, and released back into the wild./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency