Hong Kong – Vietnam Makes Debut at Hong Kong Food Fiesta

Hong Kong – Vietnam is participating for the first time in the 4th Hong Kong Food Fiesta, which opened on November 17 in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (China). The Vietnamese presence at the event marks a significant step in showcasing the country's culinary heritage and agricultural products to a broader international audience.

According to Vietnam News Agency, Vietnamese traditional dishes like fried spring rolls, pork sausages, sticky rice, and mung bean dumplings have been well-received by visitors. Additionally, a variety of well-known Vietnamese agricultural products, including coffee, cashew nuts, and bird's nest, are being featured and sold at the festival. Organized by the Hong Kong Food Council, the five-day fiesta brings together food brands and delicacies from Hong Kong and other regional countries, such as Thailand, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. The event also includes a community outreach component, with the distribution of 1,000 shopping vouchers worth 20 HKD (2.9 USD) each to the elderly and disadvantaged people through social welfare organizations. The Hong Kong Food Fiesta aims to promote local food brands, offer consumers discounted access to local and international dishes, support small and medium-sized enterprises, and boost the local economy.