Hundreds of Buddhists participate in Atthasilani in Borobudur

Hundreds of Buddhists from the Indonesian Mahanikaya Buddhist Council (MBMI) participated in Upasika Ratana (Atthasilani) at Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java, on Saturday.

“Atthasilani is a Buddhist dhamma-deepening activity to practice the eight precepts. Participants are expected to radiate happiness of love, and full of hope, so that all beings are happy. The love that has been grown will bring happiness because where there is love, there is happiness,” MBMI chairperson Agus Jaya said here on Saturday.

Several Buddhist activities have been organized by MBMI from November 3 to 6, 2022, at Borobudur Temple. One of the activities was Atthasilani, which was attended by 200 women participants. The activity included reading paritta and participating in meditation, dhamma talk, dhamma class, and offering pindapata or alms to monks.

Jaya said that in the Upasika Ratana series, there was a “blowing bubbles” session, where each participant was given the opportunity to blow as many bubbles as possible into the open air.

According to him, the bubbles represent a philosophic release of all burdens and problems.

Meanwhile, president director of PT TWC, which manages the Borobudur Temple area, Edy Setijono, said in Magelang that his party supports the implementation of religious activities at the temple.

The implementation of the activities aligns with the memorandum of agreement signed by the Yogyakarta regional government, Central Java, and several related ministries, he added.

The use of Borobudur Temple for religious activities is a real step by the government toward realizing the strategic program of Super-Priority Destinations, which was launched by President Joko Widodo.

Moreover, Setijono said, the utilization of Borobudur Temple as a religious destination in an integrative and inclusive way must be interpreted as an important aspect of the temple’s preservation program as a world cultural heritage.




Source: Antara News

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