Indonesia has huge potential in producing electrical experts: Ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia has huge opportunities in producing experts in the fields of electricity, industrial automation, and renewable energy through vocational education, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry said.”The 4.0 revolution in the global industry will create high demand for electrical, industrial automation, and renewable energy experts,” the ministry’s secretary, Saryadi, remarked here on Sunday. Hence, the government collaborates with many parties, one of them being the French Embassy in Indonesia through the Center of Excellence (CoE) Program. CoE involves the industry for quality improvement and upskilling of students and teachers with its development carried out at the Center for Quality Assurance Development for Vocational Education in Machinery and Industrial Engineering (BBPPMPV BMTI) in Cimahi, West Java, since 2017. “BBPPMPV BMTI in Cimahi is a CoE facility,” Saryadi said. The CoE establishment at BBPPMPV BMTI is the largest investment by Schneider Electric Global in improving electricity, industrial automation, and renewable energy vocational education in Indonesia. Professional development in the CoE program is led by a French expert, and the curriculum is aligned with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standard (SKKNI). ccording to Saryadi, the CoE will produce competent and capable human resources (HR) that meet the industries’ standards, supporting the link and match between vocational education and industry. “This cooperation can increase the commitment of all parties to advance vocational education,” he said. representative from Schneider Electric Group, Gwenaelle, said her side had invested a training kit worth Rp10 billion (US$659 thousand) in the Cimahi CoE facility for 40 vocational high schools (SMKs). She said the investment aligned with Schneider Electric Global’s vision of training one million young people in energy management, automation, and all relevant soft skills. “CoE in Indonesia is the largest out of the 11 we invested in the world,” Gwenaelle said. Stephane Dovart, a Counsellor of the French Embassy in Indonesia, said that Indonesia has strength in industry and economy, shown by its 14 thousand vocational high schools. “The Indonesian human resources can be trained to improve their quality,” Dovart said. baca-jugaRelated news: Jokowi calls on engineers to make ASEAN economy recession-proofRelated news: Competency-based training offers chance to improve future: Ministry

Source: Antara News Agency (ANA)