Indonesian Army Commits to Ensuring Security for 2024 Elections

Jakarta - Indonesia's army has officially pledged to maintain security and stability in the lead-up to, during, and after the 2024 elections. This commitment was formalized in the 2024 Peaceful Election Declaration held in Central Jakarta on November 8, marking a significant step in preparing for the upcoming democratic process.

According to Vietnam News Agency, the 2024 Peaceful Election Declaration is aimed at realizing a dignified democracy that adheres to all relevant rules and provisions. This declaration is a proactive measure to ensure that the electoral process is conducted smoothly and securely, reflecting the army's commitment to supporting democratic practices.

General Subiyanto stated that over 115,000 personnel from the Indonesian Military (TNI) are prepared to ensure the security of the elections. This readiness is part of the broader vision of having a professional, modern, and responsive Indonesian military. The army’s role in securing the election is pivotal in safeguarding the democratic process and ensuring that it is conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Furthermore, General Subiyanto called upon all components of the nation, including various societal elements, to collaborate in creating a safe and peaceful environment. This collective effort is crucial for the success of the Presidential and Legislative Elections, particularly in the DKI Jakarta province.

The Indonesian army’s involvement in election security highlights the importance of maintaining stability and public order during significant national events like elections. This initiative is a key part of ensuring that the democratic process in Indonesia is conducted fairly and without disruption.