Indonesian Ministry Prioritizes Violence Prevention in Schools

Jakarta - The Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has reiterated its dedication to preventing bullying and violence in educational institutions. This commitment was highlighted by Rusprita Putri Utami, head of the ministry's Character Strengthening Center, in a written statement issued on Monday.

According to Antara News Agency, the ministry's commitment to this crucial issue was also underscored at the International Symposium on "Violence in Schools: Knowledge, Policies, and Practices" held in Morocco on November 1-2, 2023. The ministry aligns its efforts with Indonesia's sustainable development goals, which include fostering a safe and inclusive community environment, ensuring equitable access for all, and building effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Utami outlined various steps the ministry has undertaken to address and prevent violence in schools. One significant measure is the implementation of the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister's Regulation (Permendikbudristek) Number 46 of 2023. This regulation, effective since August 2023, mandates the formation of a Violence Prevention and Handling Team (TPPK) in schools across Indonesia. "We are targeting all schools to have formed a TPPK by February 2024, or six months after the regulation was launched," Utami stated.

Furthermore, the ministry has instituted specific regulations for higher education institutions, particularly concerning the prevention and handling of sexual violence. Permendikbudristek Number 30 of 2021 addresses this issue and is aimed at protecting the academic community from all forms of sexual violence. Utami emphasized that sexual violence, along with bullying and intolerance, is a priority issue in the education sector. A significant step in this direction is the formation of the Sexual Violence Prevention and Handling (PPKS) Task Force in higher education institutions. "Last February, all state higher education institutions in Indonesia already formed a PPKS Task Force, followed by private higher education institutions," she added.

These initiatives demonstrate the Indonesian Ministry's proactive approach to creating a safer and more inclusive educational environment across the nation.