Indonesia’s Health Ministry to Expand Digital Health Strategy Beyond Pandemic

Jakarta, Indonesia - The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) in Indonesia is set to broaden the scope of health digitalization with its 2025-2029 Digital Health Transformation Strategy (DHTS). This announcement was made by Setiaji, Chief of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) at Kemenkes, on Monday in Jakarta.

According to Antara News Agency, the upcoming DHTS plan marks a significant shift from the 2021-2024 strategy, which primarily focused on managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2025-2029 edition of DHTS aims to encompass a wider range of health issues beyond just the pandemic. Setiaji outlined that the future strategy would include digitalization efforts covering all diseases in Indonesia, enabling people to access their medical records electronically.

The DHTS 2025-2029 is envisioned as a fundamental framework for the roadmap and execution of digital health in the country. Setiaji highlighted its role in creating an interconnected healthcare system across Indonesia. He emphasized that the forthcoming DHTS would serve as a reference for various significant documents integral to Indonesia's national strategy.

In light of this, the Ministry of Health is collaborating with the private sector to ensure that the DHTS is aligned with Indonesia's national development roadmap and is prepared to meet the evolving trends in healthcare. Setiaji remarked, "The Digital Health Transformation Strategy will be an important document for the Indonesian government because this document will determine the future of Indonesia's digital health strategy landscape."

Furthermore, Setiaji pointed out that digital health is identified as a priority sector in Indonesia's move towards establishing e-government, or an Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE). This move underscores the Indonesian government's commitment to leveraging technology in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services.