Kadin launches digital skill development platform for workers

The establishment of the Kadin for Naker is expected to be able to improve the skills of the workforce according to current industrial needs

Jakarta The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (nanospell-typoKadin) launched a special digital platform for blue-collar workers on Sunday, entitled ‘nanospell-typoKadin for nanospell-typoNaker’, which can be accessed through nanospell-typokadinfornaker.id.Kadin Chairperson nanospell-typoArsjad nanospell-typoRasjid said in a press release on Sunday that the platform provides training and skill development programs for all workers in Indonesia from various sectors and industries.

“The establishment of the nanospell-typoKadin for nanospell-typoNaker is expected to be able to improve the skills of the workforce according to current industrial needs and increase the link and match between the (available) workforce and the demands of the industry sector,” he remarked.

He noted that the Industrial Revolution 4.0, which was supported by digital technology, could advance the development of industry.

However, it had the potential to disrupt the demand for human resources, as they could be replaced by technology that could increase production effectiveness and efficiency, he stated.

Hence, it is necessary to increase the skills of the workforce in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The nanospell-typoKadin for nanospell-typoNaker platform provides language learning, skill development needed to advance the workers’ careers, self-development programs, and aptitude tests.

In the future, it will also provide labor market services for job seekers.

The digital platform, which was created through collaboration among nanospell-typoKadin, trade unions, and a private educational platform developer, the nanospell-typoPijar Foundation, also provides entrepreneurial skills development programs.

This attempt is expected to increase people’s welfare since each family can have additional income by building their own businesses.

Workers must register at nanospell-typokadinfornaker.id before being able to access various free programs on the platform.

Head of the National Executive Council of the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Workers Union (KSBSI),nanospell-typoElly Rosita nanospell-typoSilaban, lauded the attempts carried out by nanospell-typoKadin Indonesia and the nanospell-typoPijar Foundation to improve the skills of the workforce according to industrial needs.

Furthermore, Head of the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (nanospell-typoKSPSI) nanospell-typoAndi nanospell-typoandgtani nanospell-typoNena nanospell-typoWea said that the nanospell-typoKadin for nanospell-typoNaker could open opportunities for workers to become entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the nanospell-typoPijar Foundation, nanospell-typoFerro nanospell-typoFerizka, expected that his party could improve the empowerment of industry players and boost the development of Indonesia’s economy through this collaboration with nanospell-typoKadin.

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Source: Antara News Agency