Lawmakers review reports on court, crime, corruption affairs

The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee opined on a series of reports on court affairs and the prevention and combat of crime and corruption in Hanoi on September 13, as part of its ongoing 26th session.

The documents were submitted by the Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court, the Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Government.

Presenting assessment on the reports, Vice Chairman of the NA’s Committee for Judicial Affairs Nguyen Manh Cuong noted that in 2023, the Government has implemented various measures to effectively combat legal violations and crimes.

Some types of crimes have been restrained and reduced, with the numbers of cases of organised crime and of sexual offences against individuals under 16 years old decreasing by 26.92% and 5.62%, respectively. Regarding road safety, the numbers of accidents, fatalities, and injuries have all reduced.

However, the number of drug-related crimes detected has gone up by 18.42%, with a particularly high increase (over 1,484%) in the confiscated value of synthetic drugs. According to statistics, more than 37.8% of drug cases involve trafficking through Vietnam’s territory.

Assessing the Government’s report on anti-corruption work, the judicial committee noted that efforts to discover and handle corruption have been intensified, with comprehensive, strict, and cohesive approaches regarding Party discipline, administrative discipline, and criminal prosecution. Many serious cases have been brought to light./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency