Ministry of Health Updates COVID-19 Status and Urges Continued Preventive Measures

Hanoi: The Ministry of Health has conveyed directives to ministries, governmental agencies, and committees of centrally run regions on the approach to managing COVID-19, now categorized as a Group B disease.

According to Vietnam News Agency, on October 19, as of October 20, COVID-19 transitioned from being an infectious disease in Group A to Group B.

To maintain a unified strategy against the pandemic, the ministry's dispatch advises formal announcements concerning the pandemic's current status and cessation, depending on actual circumstances, and in line with the infectious diseases prevention and control laws. This includes revising the structure of COVID-19 prevention and control committees at multiple levels.

Localities and involved units are tasked with reevaluating, retracting, or revising any protocols or directives in their domain that are outdated due to the disease's reclassification.

The ministry stresses the importance of amplifying communication about COVID-19 risks and safety measures. It urges the public to continue wearing masks and to prioritize sanitation, especially in crowded venues like public transportation and healthcare centers.

Moreover, providing continuous updates on the disease's situation and associated policies is vital to ensure public comprehension, cooperation, and active engagement in prevention and control efforts.